Ultrasonic flowmeter rental kit

Ultrasonic flowmeter rental kit

You need punctual flow measurement?

We have 10+ clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter rental units available for rental in our Bangkok office.

Inquire us for rental service!

On-site service by Ultraflux engineer is available as option!

Ultraflux ULTRASONIC FLOWMETER RENTAL service description:

  • starting from 1 day rental with discounted price for longer period.
  • the offer is available from anywhere in Thailand country.
  • pipe size measurement from 12mm to 1000mm with external clamp-on probes. Please contact Ultraflux for bigger pipe.
  • easy configuration and installation for the user (tutorial workshop video available – if needed telecom service support is available for free).
  • robust carry case including the flowmeter unit and its accessories (all in one)
  • Ultraflux ultrasonic flowmeter rental products are controlled and tested on our internal test bench every time they are returned to us.
  • Ultraflux ultrasonic flowmeter rental products are calibrated on a yearly basis.

Applications of portable ultrasonic flowmeter 

  • Pump or fire pump performance test
  • Commissioning of plant
  • Verification of existing flowmeter
  • Chill water flow measurement in HVAC
  • Flow measurement for process design, development or improvement

CO-PACK 801P-1586-1515 description :

  • 1 unit ultrasonic flowmeter converter UF801P
  • 1 set of 2 probes SE-1586 with their magnetic support (mounting on pipe size from 12mm to 115mm – maximum operating temperature 120°C)
  • 1 set of 2 probes SE-1515 with their magnetic support (mounting on pipe size from 40mm to 1000mm – maximum operating temperature 180°C)
  • 1 unit Y cable for probes connection to the converter
  • 2 units nylon straps to install the probes on non-magnetic pipes
  • 1 unit coupling gel bottle
  • 1 unit carry case with foam
  • 1 unit charger
  • 1 unit PC serial link communication cable
  • 1 unit user manual

Optional with additional cost:

  • specific probes for mounting on pipe size up to 10000mm
  • specific probes with temperature acceptance up to 180°C
  • pipe thickness gauge
  • energy calculation (calorimetry)
  • Ultraflux engineer on-site service